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Terms & Privacy Policy

Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Trusted Web Website provides a service (hereinafter referred to as "service") that provides meaningful information on the activities of the Digital Agency and the Cabinet Secretariat's Digital Market Competition Headquarters.
Your use of the Trusted Web Website is subject to these Terms.
In addition, by using the service, it is assumed that you have accepted the contents of this agreement.
The contents of these Terms are subject to change without prior notice as necessary, so please check the latest contents of the Terms of Use on this page when using the service.

Regarding the use of contents of Trusted Web Website
Information published on Trusted Website (hereinafter referred to as "content") may be freely used by anyone in accordance with 1) to 6) below, including duplication, public transmission, translation, modification, etc. Commercial use is also possible. In addition, since numerical data, simple tables, graphs, etc. are not subject to copyright, these usage rules do not apply and you can use them freely. By using the content, you are deemed to have agreed to these usage rules.

1. About Mentioning the Source

(A)  Please cite the source when using the content. The method for citing sources is as follows.
(Example of source description)
Source: Trusted Web website
Source: "○○ Survey" (Trusted Web website) (URL of the relevant page) (accessed on year/month/day), etc.

(B)  If you edit or process the content and use it, please indicate that you have edited or processed it, in addition to the above source.
Edited or processed information must not be published or used as if it were created by the government (or ministries, etc.).
(Example of description when content is edited, processed, etc.)
Created by processing "○○ Survey" (Trusted Web website) (URL of the relevant page)
Created by ○○ Co., Ltd. based on "○○ Survey" (Trusted Web website) (URL of the relevant page), etc.

2. Do Not Infringe the Rights of Third Parties

(A)  Some content may be copyrighted or otherwise owned by a third party (meaning a person outside the country; the same shall apply hereinafter).
Users are responsible for obtaining permission to use content for which a third party holds copyright or for which a third party holds rights other than copyright (e.g., portrait rights in photographs, publicity rights, etc.), unless it is specifically indicated that the rights have already been processed.

(B)  Regarding content that is owned by a third party, there are some that directly or indirectly indicate or imply that the third party has the right by noting the source, etc. However, there are some that do not clearly specify or specify the parts that third parties have rights. It is the user's responsibility to check when using it.

● Examples of displaying or suggesting that third parties have rights:
・White papers/reports (white papers on small and medium enterprises, white papers on small enterprises, etc.)
・Council/research group materials (Small and Medium Enterprise Policy Council, etc.),
・Indications such as "Source: XX", "Document: XX", and "Photography: XX" in other policy explanatory materials, etc.

(C)  Even if the content is copyrighted by a third party, it may be possible to use it without permission from the copyright holder, such as citations permitted under the Copyright Act.

3. Content to Which This Rule Does Not Apply

● Logo marks, pictograms, and character designs that represent organizations and specific businesses In addition, if you have any questions regarding the use of photographs, images, posters, pamphlets/leaflets, survey reports, etc., please contact the department in charge of the project concerned.

4. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

1. These Terms of Use shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan
2. The district court with jurisdiction over the location of the organization that publishes the Content or the Usage Rules shall be the exclusive court of first instance for any disputes related to the use of the Content under these Usage Rules or to these Usage Rules.

5. Disclaimer

1. The Japanese government assumes no responsibility for any and all activities conducted by users using the Content (including the use of information that has been edited or processed from the Content). The Japanese government assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any actions users take with the Content (including the use of information edited, processed, etc., with the Content). The Content may contain outdated information.
2. Content may be changed, transferred, or deleted without notice.
3. Links and banners from Trusted Web may lead to sites managed and operated by other organizations, companies, and institutions. The destination sites are managed and operated by the respective organizations on their own responsibility, and the Digital Agency and the Digital Markets and Competition Division, Cabinet Secretariat are not responsible for the content of the destination sites or any actions taken by users using the information on those sites.

6. Others

1. These usage rules do not restrict the use of quotations and other uses permitted under copyright law.
2. These Usage Rules were established on March XX, 2023. These Terms of Use conform to the Government Standard Terms of Use (Version 2.0).
These Terms of Use are subject to change.
If you are already using content in accordance with an earlier version of the Government Standard Terms of Use, those terms will continue to apply.
3. These Usage Rules are subject to the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 International (Copyright License Terms set forth at Hereinafter referred to as "CC BY"). The Rules of Use are compatible with the CC BY Terms of Use, and Content covered by the Rules of Use may also be used in accordance with the CC BY Terms of Use.

About the links
1. In principle, linking to Trusted Web is free.
(This applies not only to the top page but also to links to individual information on each web page.)
2. When setting a link, please clearly indicate that it is a link to "Trusted Web" (no permission or contact is required).
3. When setting up links, please do not set up Trusted Web in such a way that it is embedded in another website.

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is unified by the Digital Agency. See below for details.

Please note that we do not monitor the usage status of this site.

Privacy Policy (Digital Agency HP)

1) About Cookies

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2) Regarding External Transmission in General

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These external services may collect information about users who visit this site. The information collected includes IP addresses, cookie information, and page browsing history.

We collect this information for the following purposes:

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