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Help & FAQ

Help & FAQ


  • Information About Using Trusted Web

    Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

    When using Trusted Web, please follow the terms of use. Trusted Web also provides a privacy policy to protect the privacy of users.

    For details, please go to the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy page.

    About Secure Communication During Usage
    Trusted Web uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to encrypt communication for security purposes.
    Please use an SSL-enabled browser such as "Microsoft Edge" or "Google Chrome" when using our services.


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for using Trusted Web. We will update it as needed in response to future inquiries.

  • Q.

    What kind of website is Trusted Web?


    Trusted Web is a website of the Digital Agency and the Cabinet Secretariat's Digital Market Competition Bureau designed to facilitate efficient and easy information collection of the following information.
    ① Overview of Trusted Web
    ② Information on demonstration projects related to Trusted Web that have been implemented in the past
    ③ Information on events and communities related to Trusted Web
    ④ Activity information of the Trusted Web Promotion Council
    ⑤ Materials such as the Trusted Web White Paper
    ⑥ Public information related to Trusted Web

  • Q.

    What can I do on Trusted Web?


    At Trusted Web, you can browse materials and information related to Trusted Web, including information on verification projects, and refine your search by category.
    If you have any requests such as "I would appreciate it if there were more detailed information about ~~", please contact us through the inquiry form at the bottom of the web page.
    Depending on the type of inquiry, we may not be able to provide a response, and we appreciate your understanding. If there are common information needs or requests, we will consider them in our future information collection and updates. (If you have a request or feedback, please include "[Request/Feedback]" in the email subject line and provide your name and organization name in the email body.)

  • Q.

    What should I do if I want to know more about what is described in white paper or use case report?


    Please contact us using the inquiry form at the bottom of the webpage.

  • Q.

    Are white papers, reports, etc. already published on government websites?


    Some of the white papers, reports, etc. posted on Trusted Web are extracted from existing materials published on the website of Trusted Web Promotion Council, Digital Market Competition
    Headquarters, Cabinet Secretariat.

To communicate with Trusted Web stakeholders,
please use the contact form.